About Me

I am Atul Warrier and I like to think of myself as an observer. I love to observe and interact with people and assimilate the places and cultures they are from. After all isn’t it these observations that lead us to experiences and stories that make us realise the true and essential beauty of things around us?

I have been based out of Bangalore since 2005 and worked my way through different assignments in the media industry associating with big names in the industry, conceptualizing and executing some kick ass creative work. While I loved my job, what really fascinated me was traveling, and that’s where it all began.

After years of working like a droid in the corporate world, I took a break to set my mind right. Circa 2012, where I made my first solo ride exploring South India for an entire month that totally changed my perspective towards life. The interactions and experiences that I had were an eye opener, as I communicated with unknown people free from all labels and judgements. I genuinely felt alive as the more I explored, the more I came in contact with the essential parts of myself.

I came across this video as I returned from the road trip

This was a real source of inspiration and sparked the thought of a solo international overland journey. Eventually I was convinced that herein lay my true calling. I wanted to live this dream rather than just chase it!

After mulling over my dream for quite sometime, I finally decided to take a career break and answer the calling of self reflection, freedom and connecting with people around the world. I will be living my dream starting June 2015, spread across 550 days, 40 countries and 4 continents, and will be flagging off from Kanyakumari. My companion during this ride of a lifetime will be my 2002 Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

So, I am all set for this adventure. For me a defining point of a journey is breaking free from all shackles, whirling you around and turning everything that you ever knew or took for granted on its head.

But the purpose of this journey is not just travel but also to be able to be socially responsible. As part of this endeavour I am associating with MAD (Make A Difference), which mobilises young leaders to ensure equitable outcomes for children living in shelter homes. As of today, Make a Difference works with 5000 children living in 83 shelter homes in 23 cities across India.

If you are still wondering how serious I am about all this, I have put everything on the line to live this dream, to the extent of selling my house and all my savings to make this happen. I did this because I believe that the chance to live one’s dream is priceless.

I look forward to your support to live this dream. I also encourage you to start living yours.

Atul Warrier